• A connection between the gut microbiome and psychological phenomena has long been suggested. In their landmark studies, Thaiss et al. displayed the role of gut microbiome changes on post-dieting weight gain as well as diurnal rhythmicity. Probiotic supplements ar a new trend, but the composition of the gut microbiome is complex, as is the composition of the products. …

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  • Highly interesting study from Gominak (2016):

    “Vitamin D deficiency changes the intestinal microbiome reducing B vitamin production in the gut. The resulting lack of pantothenic acid adversely affects the immune system, producing a “pro-inflammatory” state associated with atherosclerosis and autoimmunity”

    This study followed 1000 patients over the course of 6 years, and linked (necessary) vitamin D substitution and changed gut microbiome with a theoretically rare decline in panthotenic acid (B5).

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  • A collection of interesting articles on gut microbiota and their connection to psychologic phenomena.

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