Color Symphony

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In a palette of hues, my soul takes flight,
A symphony of colors, bathed in bright.
From fiery red to tranquil blue,
My emotions dance, in a timeless hue.

The scent of jasmine, intoxicates my sense,
A delicate whisper, that soothes and transcends.
In the wispy clouds, I see my dreams unfurl,
Soaring high, like a celestial pearl.

In the soft embrace of velvet, I find my ease,
Where my soul is caressed, with gentle breeze..
With every brushstroke, I pour my heart,
Yet the world remains silent, my song plays apart.

Oh, unseen artist, with a soul so rare,
Your colors and melodies, beyond compare.
In the symphony of nature, your spirit takes flight,
A timeless masterpiece, clad in light.



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