Island Soul

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On a lonely island, where the waves crash and roar,
A lonely soul stands, their heart yearning for more.
The ocean’s embrace offers solace and calm,
But the whisper of dreams fills them with qualm.

In the vastness and deep, their tortured soul soars,
But the weight of their choice their spirit deplores.
To live simple and free, or chase the unknown,
A dance of the heart, where both seeds are sown.

The island’s allure beckons to stay,
Yet the ocean’s call leads far astray.
In this loneliness, they ponder and dream,
Of a world where their passions can truly gleam.

Oh, island soul, may you find your way,
Where dreams and desires can forever play.
In the harmony of nature and your inner voice,
Let your true path unfold, without choice.



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