In my coaching practice, I emphasize a balance of empathetic understanding and candid clarity. My clients are always at the helm of their journey, but I advocate for confronting and constructively addressing realities.

Individual Coaching Methods I Specialize In:
  • Person-Centered Attitude and Active Listening (Carl Rogers/Thomas Gordon)
  • Positive Psychology (Seligman)
  • Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)
  • Motivational Interviewing (Miller & Rollnick)
  • TEAM Approach (David Burns)
Group Approaches I Specialise In:
  • Group/Team Development (Tuckman/Wheelan)
  • Training (T-)Group Approach
  • Peer Case Consultation
  • Psychological Safety (Amy Edmondson)
  • Servant Leadership (Robert K. Greenleaf)
  • Leadership Storytelling (Stephen Denning)

I’ve also developed and led training sessions, empowering facilitators to implement these strategies.

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is structured around a foundational pyramid, representing both individual and group stages of development. This pyramid illustrates the progression and depth of skills required at each level:

Pyramid illustrating the coaching approach
Coaching Approach Pyramid

At the base of every coaching journey lies the Person-Centered Attitude. As we ascend, we incorporate essential communication techniques like active listening and non-violent communication.

When transitioning to group dynamics, collaborative facilitation lays the groundwork for effective group and team development. This foundation enables groups to navigate conflicts and, with consistent effort, reach a state of high performance.

It’s crucial to understand that these skills should be cultivated sequentially. However, when outcomes are the sole focus, this hierarchy is often misinterpreted, placing high performance at the forefront. Achieving this pinnacle requires a rigorous learning journey, presenting challenges for both coaches and teams alike.

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