With a rich tapestry of experience spanning various roles and industries, I’ve dedicated my career to fostering growth, both in individuals and organizations.

My Journey:

  • Recent Years: For the past two years, I’ve been privileged to serve as a people lead in the facilitator chapter of Deutsche Telekom IT.
  • Coaching Expertise: Prior to that, I spent a year honing my skills as a coach, working closely with leadership learning groups, particularly T-Groups.
  • Pioneering Agile: My engagement with agile methodologies began in the early 2000s, long before the term “DevOps” became mainstream. I recognized the inherent conflicts between IT operations and development departments and sought solutions to bridge the gap. Even when organizations weren’t fully ready to embrace agility, I subtly integrated “Scrum under the hood” in my projects as a business analyst.
  • Agile Leadership: Subsequently, I designed and conducted in-house agile academies, shaping the future of scrum masters and agile enthusiasts.
  • Business Analysis: My role as a business analyst wasn’t just confined to traditional responsibilities. I often championed agile principles, even in environments that were initially hesitant.
  • Foundational Years: My professional foundation was laid in the German New Economy. From 1996 to 2004, I led IT Operations, which later influenced my roles in IT controlling and business analysis.
  • Transition to Telekom: My journey eventually led me to Telekom, where I’ve seamlessly blended coaching, training, and project work.

Contact Me:

Email: dana@danastoll.com
Mobile: +49 151 2342 7067

I’m always eager to collaborate, share insights, and embark on transformative ventures. Let’s connect and explore the potential synergies together.