I take pleasure in conducting training and consulting sessions on the following topics:

  • Navigating Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) Environments
  • Transitioning from Fragile to Agile: Balancing Quality of Service with Time to Market
  • Viewing Organizations as Complex Systems
  • Software Development using Scrum
  • Flow Optimization through Kanban
  • Mindsets: Harnessing the Power of Thinking Patterns and Metaphors
  • The Concepts of Finite and Infinite Games (Inspired by Simon Sinek)
  • Leading in Turbulent Environments
  • Addressing Paradoxical Challenges (Drawing from Ralph Stacey’s Insights)
  • Scaling Strategies: Building Teams of Teams

My Leadership Philosophy

In today’s dynamic landscape, the predictable pockets where outcomes can be meticulously planned are few and far between. On the rare occasions they emerge, we cherish the clarity and order they bring, allowing our organizational engines to hum seamlessly, if only momentarily.

Graphic illustrating dynamic leadership environments
Dynamic Leadership Environments

More often than not, we navigate through a labyrinth of ambiguity, confronting the paradoxes that define our daily operations. Yet, amidst this chaos, patterns emerge, and progress becomes attainable. Such environments demand a departure from traditional, one-size-fits-all leadership. Instead, they call for adaptability, where leadership morphs into a service for the team, tailored to its unique context and challenges: servant leadership.

Graphic illustrating adaptive leadership styles
Adaptive Leadership Styles

Modern leadership is multifaceted. Some days prioritize psychological safety and empathy, while others demand radical candor. At times, conflicts must be amplified to drive change; on other occasions, they need tempering.

My philosophy emphasizes discerning the nuances of these environments. By identifying foundational building blocks or “primitives,” we can foster orientation and drive progress. The way we perceive a challenge shapes the solutions we devise. Thus, mastering the art of navigating complexity becomes the ultimate leadership superpower.

Older Works

An essay introducing a psychological framework for dealing with conflict in IT-management, particularly at the threshold between agile and best-practice environments. (German language)
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(or what management is not ...)
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